Multi-functional Infrared Imaging Detector BJ-662

Multi-functional Infrared Imaging Detector

Near IR or far IR to check the infrared images;

Two groups of IR together to check the infrared frequency blinking features (M elements);

Static side white light to check the intaglio printing;

Dynamic side white light to check the optical variable ink and holograph features;

Up white light to check the pattern,colour and printing quality;

Downwhite light to check the watermark,safety thread,paper transparency and micro-printing;

Ruler to check dimension and position of security features 

UV and MG detection,3x magnifier;

7 '' colored LCD screen for image display and analysis under different detection;

External device to convert 10ximage signal under white light,IR and UV detection to the screen;

With convertor to convert image signal to TV or PC screen(optional);


Function Long UVShort UVIR  detectionMG DetectionWatermark DetectionOptional Maginifer

Available CurrencyAll currencies
Countable Banknote Size115x50mm~185x85mm
Magnifier 3x or 7x
Magnifier Size110(L)x46(W)mm
Light Source1x0.5W
2x6W L/UV tube or UV LED
1x6W down white light tube
1x4W S/UV tube(optional)
Display7''colored LCD

Power Consumption≤24W
Unit Dimension255(L)x200(W)x230(H)mm
N. Weight/G. Weight1.3kg/ 1.9kg

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